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They lived together in sub-standard housing, saved their money, pooled their resources and eventually were able to purchase homes of their own.

Some of them bought farmland, which they planted in cane berries, kept pigs, chickens and cows, grew vegetables for the table, and baked their own bread. At first they didn’t see a need for game laws, but they soon learned it was cheaper to obey them.

A small handful were admitted to the United States, and a few went to New Zealand, Australia and Canada, but the majority went into Brazil’s interior where they cleared away the jungle, built homes and planted crops on land given them by the Brazilian government.

With Communists in control in China, the Old Believers in Sinkiang and Manchuria knew they must find another country in which to live.

With the help of the United Nations and the Tolstoy Foundation, AND the consent of the government in Beijing, the two groups of Old Believers relocated in 19 to Hong Kong, which was then still a British possession.

I write in part because I believe that the Old Ritualist schism of the mid-17 century can be ended.

I hope this record will encourage further efforts at reconciliation with the many thousands of Old Believers in the world today.

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