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It is an incredibly raw and simplistic song about a guy who realizes he really doesn't love his girl.

The fact that the event in the song is an abortion has prompted all the discussion, but really, the song has nothing to do with that.

They were scared kids trying not to get caught, but not fully comprehending the depth of the situation until too late.

He never talks directly to the fetus as that's a pain you can't sing big woop a guy attempted to write an empathetic song... you dont have to go home but you can't stay here..you are so prolific, how many journals did you have to swipe?

(definition of SEE: 1)to perceive with the eyes; look at.

oh well, i guess,someone had to give john mayer a foreplay ground to gross me out upon.

Also...Digiable Planets already had an "Appointment At The Fat Clinic" (1993) if men could have babies i wouldn't be here!!

Pain is experienced when tissue is BEING DESTROYED. Why do you think so many people that suffer mental and emotional anguish, many of them highly literate and erudite, describe those feelings as ultimately "painful"?

If feelings like those are the NATURAL RESULT experienced by women, and men, involved in abortions, then by implication of you're statement, you believe them to be good feelings.

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