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The halo is known as Ikkō Sanzon Kōhai 一光三尊光背, meaning “single-light triad halo,” because all three figures are enveloped inside one halo.

The halo and its pointed top are also known as Funagata Kōhai 舟形光背 or “boat-shaped halo.” Below text by Henry Smith at Columbia University From “Prince Shōtoku’s Temple, The Riddles of Hōryūji”The inscription on the Shaka triad describes, in essence, a legend that the statue was created as a life-size replica of Prince Shōtoku Taishi himself (the founder of Hōryūji Temple, the great patron of Early Buddhism in Japan).

Raptors guard Lou Williams played a great game for Toronto last night.

He came off the bench to score 18 points against the Magic and helped the Raptors earn a victory.

One of the most famous groupings of extant gilt-bronze images, from China, is the Shijuhatai Butsu 四十八体仏, the so-called Forty-Eight Buddhist Images, now kept at the Tokyo National Museum.

The Guze Kannon is even believed to be an image of Shōtoku Taishi, made while he was alive.” Japan’s earliest sculpture was greatly influenced by the artistic nuances of China’s Wei 魏 kingdom (late 4th to 6th centuries), which featured a marked frontality, crescent-shaped lips turned upward, almond-shaped eyes, and symmetrically arranged folds in the robes.

They were also influenced by the artistic styles of Korea’s Paekche 百済 and Silla kingdoms 新羅, especially the Korean preference for stock poses, most notably of Miroku Bosatsu.

Hundreds of bronze pieces, mostly gilt bronze, are still extant.

And while that in and of itself isn't particularly shocking or even newsworthy—it's not the first time anyone has heard about an NBA player dating more than one woman at the same time—what is kind of crazy is that both women allegedly know about each other and have agreed to an unorthodox relationship that involves all three of them going out in public and spending time together.

According to , the girls' names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell—or "Blonde" and "Brown," as Williams affectionately refers to them—and there are plenty of pictures of both girls with Williams on social media.

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