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Audrey II traps Seymour and destroys the shop, but Seymour grabs an exposed electrical cable and electrocutes Audrey II.Leaving the destroyed shop, Seymour safely reunites with Audrey.Offered money and a contract for a botany TV show, Seymour plans to escape Skid Row with Audrey using the money, leaving the plant to starve.After Audrey accepts Seymour's marriage proposal, Audrey II catches Seymour leaving and demands another meal: Seymour agrees, but insists on meat from a butcher.The plant proposes that Seymour murder someone in exchange for fame and fortune: Seymour initially refuses, but agrees after witnessing Orin beating Audrey ("Feed Me (Get It)").After Orin finishes with his masochistic patient, Arthur Denton (Bill Murray), who requested "a long, slow, root canal", Seymour books an appointment with Orin and arms himself with a revolver; however, he cannot bring himself to use it.The three girls suggest Audrey dump Orin and get another man to protect her, like Seymour, but Audrey states she doesn't deserve a nice guy.

It was produced by David Geffen through The Geffen Company and released by Warner Bros. Produced on a budget of million, in contrast to the original 1960 film, which, according to Corman, only cost ,000, it was well received by critics and audiences alike, eventually developing a cult following.

Accidentally pricking his finger, he then discovers Audrey II needs human blood to thrive ("Grow for Me").

Seymour takes Audrey II and is interviewed on the radio, and Audrey misses the broadcast due to being "hand-cuffed a little" by her sadistic, mean-spirited boyfriend Orin Scrivello (Steve Martin).

Explaining that he fed the plant to become successful and win Audrey's heart, Seymour discovers she has always loved him.

Approached by an executive from a botanical company named Patrick Martin (Jim Belushi), Seymour is offered a contract to breed Audrey II and sell the saplings worldwide.

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