Restoring contacts to iphone after updating Qatari porn

Start i Tunes, connect your i Phone to the computer and select the i Phone when it appears.

Click the i Tunes "Info" tab and select "Sync contacts with Outlook" -- or whichever email client you use. Start the i Cloud Control Panel and sign in with your new Apple ID password. Log out of Windows and log back in with your primary Windows account.

Then, when i Cloud backs up your i Phone again, those contacts will be added and saved.

How to restore contacts on i Phone 8 that weren't backed up?

Restoring from i Tunes can be complicated if you also sync your contacts with i Cloud (not the same as an i Cloud backup).

Syncing happens every few seconds, so you need to temporarily disable i Cloud -- otherwise, i Cloud will delete your contacts before you even see them. In Windows 8.1, this is located in the "\Users(username)\App Data\Roaming\Apple Computer\Mobile Sync\Backup\" file.

Losing contacts on your i Phone isn't a catastrophe, provided you have a back up (either i Tunes or i Cloud).

Restoring a backup can take an hour or more and requires that you delete everything from your i Phone.

Whenever I sign out of i Cloud and back in on my i Phone, some of my contacts will inevitably disappear. If you sync with Google, Microsoft, or something else, this isn't for you!

To find it quickly, click the "Search" icon on the Windows Start screen, type "%appdata%" and press Return.

Right-click to copy the file, then right-click inside the same folder and paste to create an emergency copy.

Start i Tunes and make sure it's updated to the latest version. Select "Devices" from the File menu and select "Back Up." If you don't see the File menu, press "Ctrl-B" to reveal it with the Menu Bar.

If you use i Cloud to back up your contacts, go to My Apple ID.

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