Is taylor swift still dating conor jeff probst and julie dating

Tom Hiddleston: June 2016–Present You will not find a black leather jacket within a mile's radius of Taylor Swift right now, as she has pulled a full-on 180, hastily ditching those downtown looks she so favored while dating Calvin Harris to dress exclusively in clothing that screams "I am a grown-up!" From the very first sighting of this "couple," Swift has favored looks that appear restrained—and in some cases, such as this one, downright dowdy. Swift's latest boyfriend transformation is complete. Hiddleston wears pretty much the same thing in every shot of them together—a button-down shirt and belted pants, or some variation thereof—while Swift has been furiously pulling out all the stops to match his look without delay.The singer accompanied her 18-year old boyfriend and various family members to the Cape Cod cemetery where Mary Richardson Kennedy is buried. Not long after Swift and Conor Kennedy became an official couple, the singer introduced the famous offspring to her parents in Nashville - and now she's making a move toward his family. Conor Kennedy may need to be on the lookout for future songs penned in his dishonor... As a country pop darling-turned-"Reputation"-slayer, Taylor Swift has certainly become known for writing songs about the ghosts of boyfriends past.White-blonde was perfect for dating a famous DJ, but not so much for a reserved, cultured, classy 35-year-old like Hiddleston.Ditto to those leather jackets and all-black ensembles she’d step out in while in her last relationship, with Harris wearing pretty much the exact same thing on her arm." Jake Gyllenhaal: October 2010–January 2011 When Gyllenhaal blazed on the scene in late 2010, there were no fancy cocktail dresses or rocker-chic ensembles to be seen.In November, this flash-in-the-pan couple was spotted in Brooklyn, and Swift emulated Gyllenhaal's Patagonia-and-a-beanie look with blue jeans and a girly coat, looking more youthful with lighter hair and less makeup.

Let's go back to 2012, when Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy Jr. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are still together, having recently hatched a scheme to make people THINK they split, according to a new report.

(See also: the confusing pullover thing she wore while on a walk with Hiddleston's mom.) One thing is for sure: You wouldn't have seen Swift in this getup holding Harris's hand.

Within about five seconds of the start of her "relationship" with Hiddleston, Swift had changed her hair color back to a more natural blonde (and then some, taking it down a few notches to a much mousier tone), just in time for a walk through Essex, England, with Hiddleston and his mom in quite possibly the most most mature outfit she has ever worn in her entire life.

Swift was even captured wearing her own beanie and a plaid scarf that same day, when they were joined by Maggie Gyllenhaal and her daughter, Ramona.

Conor Kennedy: July 2012–September 2012 Along came a Kennedy, and Swift's closet was suddenly full of preppy collared shirts, vintage dresses, and full skirts, the likes of which had never been seen on her willowy frame before.

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