Dating a crystal meth addict who is john edwards dating

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Long story short I've regained contact with an ex from high school.

You wouldn't be on here asking the advice of a bunch of addicts on BL if you thought that you had a real future with this chick? He probably didn't pull his gun out because the people that robbed him are probably much scarier (or have scarier connections) than him and he knew that doing so would get him killed or seriously injured.

It might be fun, you might have things in common (not necessarily good things in common), you might have history, but I think these things are clouding your judgement a wee bit. However, in your case, if he pulled a gun on you, it doesn't sound like he needs to worry about some truly scary criminals retaliating and committing serious harm to his person. I don't think you or anyone for that matter would want to go into such a toxic relationship.

They sound like lazy people who definetly do not have their shit together.🌈 This is a drug forum and everyone is saying run away.... Taking a strung out meth addict away from her friends, away from her supply, away from anybody she knows into the wild blue yonder? Whether you leave or not, i'd sever connections to the woman, and the dealer by association, as non-negotiable. Maybe not where you're from (or at least single women) but everywhere else, if you're under 40 you're basically 1:3.

sounds romantic until you've taken her somewhere, that literally the only thing she now knows is her meth addiction. if you've got a burning desire to 'help' someone in trouble, adopt a dog.

Meth users lose weight quickly and often have stained or rotting teeth.

They can be paranoid and suffer from hallucinations.

Cut off ALL contact with her, as you said how you abused meth but haven't used it in years and you run the risk of using it and becoming addicted to it again.Plus your dealer will get very angry that you stole his girlfriend from him. You should take your own advice that you wrote, find a woman who only likes to smoke herb or even drink alcohol and smoke herb socially and date her instead of your dealer's girlfriend. Listen to all the advice given here mate, she sounds like bad news and you seem like you have your shit together being clean for a couple of years.I'm sure she is a nice girl deep down, but use you head man.From what I've heard and witnessed, she has a pretty bad problem. Cliche junkie talk, but she seemed genuinely worried about how I thought about her. Mainly because she has a boyfriend with her all the time (lol). Obviously I'll lose my weed connect, but I have other plugs and I hate dealing with him anyways.Didn't make a move on her, I'd of felt like I was taking advantage of the situation. My weed man is a wreck less sloppy dealer who Is bound to get busted soon. He's strapped but too pussy to shoot me over stealing his girl.

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