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Additionally there are five ways to interpret each card, a methodology of which is applied to all variations in reading The Tarot: (hidden) graphic structure, individual symbols, distribution of colors, traditional associations and finally a distinctive feeling or resonance with each card. When dealing with the symbology of the Tarot it is most notably the character Trump cards which are discussed.

There have been many dozens of various interpretations and rendering of the Tarot throughout history, the most famous and widely used of which is the Arthur Edward Waite deck but others such as Aleister Crowley with his Thoth deck and even most recently H. Each element of these Trump cards contain an underlying and subliminal symbology which range from Hebrew letters hidden and formed by the positioning of interlocking limbs and digits of the figurines to the very elements and objects depicted in the cards themselves which have far deeper significances in the occult, astrology and divination than visible on a surface level.

It is also one of the most radically revised cards by Manson.

Aurthur Edward Waite's version is also titled The Hanged Man and as is evident throughout the rest of Manson's reinterpretation many of his others are also patterned very closely from the Waite deck, as this deck has become the most mass-widely used deck.

Often misconstrued as being used for the purpose of foreseeing the future, the Tarot can in a sense foretell the future but only inasmuch as revealing to the reader one's state of being and only thereby can be derived the path one is undertaking, as told by Alejandro Jodorowsky, a lifelong Tarot scholar and master.

The method by which this is revealed is told by the order and formation the cards appear which the reader has divined upon.

The cards of the Tarot are separated into four suites just as regular playing cards but the most evident difference is that the Tarot contains 22 additional cards, the latter of which is known as the Major Arcana and the former as the Minor Arcana.

The assignment of our suites of cards, instead of Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds, The Tarot consists of Swords, Pentacles, Chalices and Sceptres or Wands.

The relation follows that aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to The Magician, numbered as I of the Trump cards and so forth as The Devil card number is XV and corresponds to the Hebrew letter ayin, which is the fifteenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet.The artwork for 'Holy Wood' was made by Paul Brown, who was already responsible for our two previous albums, not counting the live one.We work and decide together, without the intervention of external photographs or designers.The visual aspect of 'Holy Wood' almost seems as important as the music itself...MM: Yes, it's true, because it really forms a whole.

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