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Here is the way I fixed this issue for my graphs without updating code.

My problem was that the y-axis categories weren't displaying the labels when I updated it each month with new data. 1) choose the "select data" option on the graphs 2) highlight the first series on the right, then click on the Category option and edit/reselect the categories.

Once the original setting had been restored, the add-in ran as normal.

I ran into an issue where some cells weren't calculating.

3) Then highlight the second series on the right, and then update the categories again. One of the answers above stated to select the label and hit the reset label text button in the label options for the chart you are working with.

4) do the same by highlighting each series and updating the categories. I had this same problem, thanks to this info i was able to fix it.

My chart now updates all the labels dynamically when they change on the data sheet.

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When you refresh your data is the series data link broken "#REF" or does the series still say it is reading the same range and just not displaying anything?

In my case i had a chart with hundreds of labels on it.

I added the following to the macro I used to update the labels and everything updates again properly.

(I'm not a chart guru, so this was a big help) I included the command i used below: Add the statement to a macro that steps through and formats the text or fonts etc.

in your chart labels and the chart should update again when your data changes.

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